Mildred Lee Gladney Arnold - This beloved 'Gladney descendant, born 7 Sep 1897 at Marion AR, daughter of Dr. Richard Adair Gladney and Martha Shackelford Hodges Gladney. We are indebted to Mrs. Arnold for authoring and publishing the wonderful Gladney's In America Genealogy/Family History book in 1966. A work of family love!

Richard Strong Gladney - b: 1806. Son of Joseph Gladney and Martha Becket Gladney. This is Mildred Lee Gladney Arnold's grandfather.

Jane Amanda McMillan Gladney - b: 12 Mar 1812. Daughter of William A. McMillan and Anne Becket McMillan. This is Mildred Lee Gladney Arnold's grandmother.

Thomas Livingston Gladney - b: 16 Oct 1903. Picture taken 15 Mar 1978. Husband of Elsie Opal Novey Gladney. Son of Edward Chalmers Gladney and Leila Elizabeth Livingston Gladney. Father of Carolyn Louise Gladney Powell - b: 4 Oct 1935. Picture taken winter 1977.

Linda Lee Powell-b: 3 Oct 1959. Daughter of Daniel Jackson Powell, Jr. and Carolyn Louise Gladney Powell. Picture taken Feb 1977.

Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Gardner Gladney - Golden Wedding Anniversary, 14 Apr 1947.

James Beckett Gladney - b: 6 Apr 1838-Served as a Confederate soldier, later practices law, and was an outstanding educator in Chickasaw County MS. Served with the "Van Dorn" Reserves of the 11th Mississippi Reg. Wounded.

Lucien L. Gladney - 26 Nov 1871 - 5 Mar 1966. Son of John Richard Gladney and Margaret A. Bean Gladney. At the age of 91 was living in Los Angeles, keen in mind and memory, surrounded by roomful of philosophical texts, some of which he had read more than 20 times! His career included college presidency, preaching and teaching. He was a native of Mississippi, descendant to the first Richard.

William Beckett Gladney - b: 30 Jan 1898. Husband of Ruth Anita Washburn Gladney and father of William Washburn Gladney and Charles Wallace Gladney.

William Lamar Gladney and Wallace Gardner Gladney - William b: 25 Dec 1872, Wallace b: 18 Apr 1874. The two sons of James Beckett Gladney and Ann Alexander Barton. This picture was taken in 1879.

Zilda Eugenia Gladney Mitchell and Elizabeth Margaret Gladney Foley - Two daughters of James Beckett Gladney and Sarah Jane Farr Gladney.

John A. Gladney and Catherine Davis - John b: 6 Jun 1836. Catherine b: 25 Dec 1852. Parents of Lillie Cooper Gladney, Walter Alcorn Gladney, Manley Gladney, Jessie Gladney, and Ora Lee Gladney.

Walter Alcorn Gladney b: 23 Dec 1878. Husband of Maggie Viola Smith Gladney b: 2 Jun 1879. Parents of (left to right) Jewel Sylvain Gladney b: 1902, Johnie Gladney b: 1 Nov 1906, Daisy Viola Gladney b: 3 Nov 1909, Jessie Paul Gladney b: 17 Nov 1904.

William Noah Gladney - b: 12 Apr 1846. Husband of Elizabeth Sudduth Gladney. Parents of 10 children including Robert Duke Gladney. William is the son of Thomas C. Gladney and Mary Jane Ussery Gladney.

Robert Duke Gladney - b: 23 Feb 1883 and wife Johnny Elizabeth Arnett Gladney - b: 1881 - Golden Wedding Anniversary, 1953.

Samuel Langhorne Gladney IV - b: 18 Feb 1914-Served in World War II; named on bronze tablets in Bell Tower at Valley Forge PN, honoring descendants of Revolutionary soldiers who fought in World War II. Displaying his stained glass Gladney Coat of Arms during GIA reunion at Sardis MS-15-17 Jun 1984.

Samuel Langhorne Gladney V - b: 26 Jun 1937. Samuel is the son of Samuel Langhorne Gladney IV and Jessie Selma Polk Gladney. Served US Army.

Richard Jackson Gladney - b: Jul 1850. Husband of Leanna Assineta Nelson. Richard is the son of William McMilling Gladney and Mary Munnell Birnie Gladney. Father of William Alexander Gladney, Samuel Jackson Gladney, and Neal Clyde Gladney.

Neal Clyde Gladney - b: 19 May 1885. Husband of Alcie Oney Henry Gladney. Neal is the son of Richard J. Gladney and Leannah Assisneta Nelson Gladney. Father of Leannah Louise Gladney, Wilbur Erskin Gladney, Ruby Ethel Gladney, Dorothy O'Neal Gladney, and Sara Catherine Gladney.

Leanna Louise Gladney Potter - b: 13 Dec 1919. Wife of Halbert Brewer Potter. Mother of Marilyn Cleo Potter, Elsie Mae Potter, Margaret Jeannette Potter, and Terry Neal Potter.

Ruby Ethel Gladney Johnson - b: 1 Aug 1925. Wife of Harold Ross Johnson. Mother of Mickey Don Johnson, Clyde Henry Johnson, Bonnie Jean Johnson, Willard Eric Johnson, Pamela Ruth Johnson, Timothy Ross Johnson, Glen Norman Johnson, Kenneth Alvin Johnson, and Victor Lloyd Johnson.

Timothy Ross Johnson - b: 5 Nov 1954. Husband of Jill Victoria Tucker Johnson. Timothy is the son of Harold Ross Johnson and Ruby Ethel Gladney. Father of Timothy Ralph Johnson, Tracy Nicole Johnson, and Trent Andrew Johnson.

Tracy Nicole Johnson - b: 15 Apr 1986-Riding a horse at the Gladney ranch in Homer LA. Tracy is the daughter of Timothy Johnson and Jill Tucker Johnson. James Patrick Gladney is standing with horse and his daughter Christina Camille Gladney is in the drivers seat.

Dorothy Jean Hampton - b: 14 Apr 1955. She is the daughter of Leo Hampton and Dorothy O'Neal Gladney Hampton.

Margueritte Jean-b: 15 Sep 1903- Regent for the Texarkana AR chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution holds a copy of the group's yearbook.

Bettye Gene Hogue Bond - b: 23 Jul 1931. Wife of Gene Thomas Bond. Daughter of Willie C. Hogue and Mildred Virginia Gibson Hogue. Mother of Rodney Gene Bond, Michael Thomas Bond, and David Trent Bond.

Mary E. Black Miller - b: 19 Apr 1844. Wife of William T. Miller - b: 8 Jan 1830. Mother of Agusse Nancy J. Miller. Daughter of Thomas A. Black and Agnes Nancy Gladney Black.

Agusse Nancy J. Miller Hilliard - b: 7 Oct 1866. Wife of Richard Clark Woodward Hilliard - b: 26 Sep 1856.

David Kerr and Sarah Catherine Harden - David is the son of Matilda Gladney and Charles Kerr, who migrated to Winston County MS from Fairfield County SC. Matilda Gladney is the Daughter of Nancy Matilda Gladney (daughter of immigrant Thomas Gladney) and Charles Gladney (son of immigrant Richard Gladney).

Emmett James Kerr - He is the oldest son of David Kerr and Sarah Catherine Harden. Emmett moved to Crowley LA when he was a young man, married Maggie L. McCain, and became a successful rice farmer. He was reportedly 17 years old when this picture was made.

Everett "Eb" Gladney Kerr and Alice Priscilla Gordon - On their wedding day in 1919.

Everett "Eb" Gladney Kerr - The man who is seated is Forest (or Forrest) Howard Bowie. The two men in the picture married sisters. Eb married Priscilla Gordon, and Howard married Laura Elizabeth Gordon.

Juneus E. Gladney - b: 5 Mar 1877. With his son John William Gladney.

John William Gladney - b: 5 Apr 1918- Served in World War II; named on bronze tablets in Bell Tower at Valley Forge PN, honoring descendants of Revolutionary soldiers who fought in World War II. Standing with his father in March 1955.

John William Gladney-b: 5 Apr 1918. He is the second son of Juneus E. and Jane Zellner Gladney. Newspaper article announcing appointment as president of the Stamps Rotary Club.

Mr. & Mrs. William Noah Gladney - William b: 12 Apr 1846, Elizabeth Sudduth b: 26 Jul 1850

Emma Alice Gladney Arnett - b: 12 Nov 1872. Daugher of William Noah Gladney and Elizabeth Sudduth Gladney.

John David Chesnut - b: 11 Dec 1938. John is the son of John Harvey Chesnut and Mary Rebecca Smith. Holding granddaughter, Nancy Elizabeth Leslie.

Camma Linda Crowe- b: 3 May 1942. Camma is the daughter of Sam Hershel Crowe and Caroline Lois Perry Crowe. Holding granddaughter, Nancy Elizabeth Leslie.

Caroline Rebecca Chesnut- b: 30 Sep 1964. Caroline is the daughter of John David Chesnut and Camma Linda Crowe Chesnut.

Nancy Elizabeth Leslie - b: 28 May 1996. Nancy is the daughter of Jay Leslie, Jr. and Caroline R. Chesnut. Picture taken Jun 1997.

Wilma Sue Gladney Reese - b: 18 Dec 1924. Wilma is the daughter of Marvin Taylor Gladney and Carrie Brown Treadwell Gladney.

Horace W. Gladney - b: 15 Feb 1918. Horace is the son of Marvin Taylor Gladney and Carrie Brown Treadwell Gladney.

Sarah Ann Weathers - 27 July 1852. Sarah is the wife of James Robert Gladney and the mother of 11 children including Ruby Pearl Gladney.

Walter McDavid Reed - 14 December 1925. Walter is the son of Carl Christopher Reed and Ruby Pearl Gladney Reed.

Mr. & Mrs. Calvin B. Driver - Calvin b: 15 Apr 1903 is the son of Franklin Driver and Sevilla Ocdy Gladney Driver. His wife is Ina Watson Driver Gladney. Picture was taken July 1985.

Pamela Gladney, her father Everett Berry Gladney, and Mary Maudine Mitchell Carney at the 1976 Gladney Reunion in Winnsboro SC.

Mr. & Mrs. William Cody Gladney-

The Carl Gibson Family - Carl G. Gibson and Caddie Kathleen Gibson Gibson, J. W. Gibson, Lucy Gibson Halligan, Vivian Asa Gibson Dickey, Mildred Virginia Gibson Hogue

Willie C. and Mildred Gibson Hogue with daughter Bettye Hogue Bond.

Michael Thomas Bond-b: 28 Apr 1958, Rodney Gene Bond-b: 9 Sep 1956, David Trent Bond-b: 23 Sep 1960. Sons of Gene Thomas Bond and Bettye Hogue Bond. Gettysburg Reenactment 1998. Left to right #2 is Mike, #4 is Rod, #5 is Dave

Samuel Calvin Gladney - b: 20 Oct 1878. Husband of Louvella Jones Gladney - Samuel is the son of Calvin Berry Gladney and Martha Borders Gladney. Father of Mary Alice Gladney, Geneva Mae Gladney, Gladys Ezel Gladney, and Cecil Ernest Gladney.

Samuel Bruce Gibson - b: 14 Nov 1841. Samuel is the son of Silas Gibson and Jane Gladney Gibson.

Agnes Nancy Gladney Black - b: 30 Sep 1809. Agnes is the daughter of Richard Gladney and Mary Martha Bruce Gladney.

Craig Wilkins Gladney - b: 6 Oct 1965. Husband of Anna Roe Cranor Gladney. Son of William Craig Gladney and Retta Mae Wilkins Gladney

Rachel Gladney Reap - b: 17 Feb 1818. Daughter of Richard Gladney and Mary Martha Bruce Gladney.

Nancy Jane Gladney Reep -1837/1931, daughter of Edward Bruce Gladney (son of Richard Gladney, son of Samuel the emigrant). Nancy Jane married her 1st cousin John McKeown Reap, son of Rachel Gladney Reap.

Mr. & Mrs. William Jonas Reep - b: 1 Oct 1838-William is son of Jonas Reep and Rachel Gladney Reep. His wife is Martha Emerson Gladney d: 11 Feb 1915

Wife and family of Samuel Bruce Gibson. Asa Breathwaite Moore Gibson (Bettye's Great Grandmother on right back), Mary Breathwaite Gibson (dau), Patrick Cleburne Gibson (son), Alice Cherry and her 2 sons (step dau), Willie Pebble Gibson (dau), Caddie Kathleen Gibson Gibson (on left back)(married a Gibson)(Bettye's Grandmother).

Davis Russell Lee - b: 16 Nov 1920. Husband of Lillian Elizabeth Jobe Lee. Son of Clarence Adrian Lee and Mattie Gerturde Dudley Lee. Honoree, who is retiring after 47 years at Kilgore College, will have the mall area between the library and the fine arts building named in his honor following action taken by KC trustees. Stands in mall area named for him.

Benetta Inez Dudley - b: 7 Jun 1901. Benetta is the wife of Virginia Dare Meadows. Benetta is the daughter of John Carroll Dudley and Mary Catherine Russell.

Catherine Andrews - b: 26 Jul 1927. Catherine is the daughter of Sam Gordon Andrews and Annie Myrtle Dudley.

Mary Catherine Dudley - b: 21 Jun 1895. Mary is the daughter of John Carroll Dudley and Mary Catherine Russell Dudley.

Burr Davis Russell - b: 14 Jul 1874. Burr is the son of Crew Cammak Russell and Mattie Catherine Davis. Shown 16 years old.

Harry Curtis Gladney - b: 24 Jan 1895. Harry is the son of Benjamin Franklin Gladney and Nettie Maude Luckett Gladney.

Arthur Lyndon Gladney - b: 27 Jan 1897. Arthur is the son of Benjamin Franklin Gladney and Nettie Maude Luckett Gladney. His wife is Clarice Hester Gentry Gladney.

Reba Norine Gladney Gentry - 3 Jul 1899. Reba is the daughter of Benjamin Franklin Gladney and Nettie Maude Luckett Gladney. Her husband is John Clarimond Gentry.

Raymond Leighton Gladney - b: 14 Mar 1903. Raymond is the son of Benjamin Franklin Gladney and Nettie Maude Luckett Gladney. Father of William Benjamin Gladney.

Lynda Lee Gentry Galloway - b: 1 Jul 1929. Wife of Carlyle Galloway, Jr., Lynda is the daughter of John Clarimond Gentry and Reba Norine Gladney Gentry. Mother of Eugene Carlyle Galloway, Joan Marie Galloway, Floyd Henry Galloway, Judith Lynette Galloway, John Matthew Galloway, Joseph Mark Galloway, and Jayne Leslie Galloway

Henry Terry Gladney - b: 14 Dec 1880. Husband of Ora Wakeman Gladney. Henry is the son of John Gladney and Isabelle Hasseltine Cross Gladney.

Margaret Kyle Becket - Wife of James Becket. Mother of Anne Becket, Martha Becket, James McKinney Becket, and David Becket.

Anne Becket - b: 1781-Anne is the daughter of James Becket and Margaret Kyle.

Vernon Curtis Hassell - b: 15 Dec 1920. Vernon is the son of Benjamin Parker Hassell and Annice Elvado Gladney Hassell. His wife is Meridith Burns Mullins Hassell

Frances Letitia Cowan (left)-b: 4 Nov 1882; Georgia Virginia Morgan (center)-b: 23 Sep 1849; Crystal Hope Wellborn (right)-b: 23 Sep 1908

Dolly Barfield (friend, to left); Henrietta Clemintine Cowan (top right)-b Mar 1871; Willie Jack Cowan (bottom left)-b 21 Feb 1880; Lily Barfield (friend, bottom right)

Margaret Pauline Gladney McQuiston - b: 31 Aug 1899. Wife of James W. McQuiston. Daughter of Hugh James Gladney and Alice Matilda Carter Gladney.

Bertha Lee Gladney Cunningham - b: 8 Oct 1902. Wife of Will Sanford Cunningham. Daugher of Hugh James Gladney and Alice Matilda Carter Gladney

William (Bill) Gladney- William is the son of William Alexander Gladney and Effie Jennings Gladney. Bill is the husband of Bethel ??? Gladney.

Jason Gladney - Jason is the son of Wayne Herbert Gladney.

Frank Gladney Daylily - A tropical blend of coral, rose and pink with a small gold throat. A "melt-in-your-mouth" kind of color. Big blooms on a sturdy plant. A popular variety.